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About me and my book

Before the Tunnel

  Patti Pickens is a woman Georgia born with her Southern charm and contagious smile warmed the hearts of everyone around her.    She led the typical life of family and career, with a touch of rebel and a great sense of adventure. 

Storms Arrive

Her life took a turn when she fell twenty feet from a tree breaking both of her legs and told she may never walk again. Not even knowing that life had an even greater war waiting on the road ahead. When she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in when the real battle began  

Healing Hands of God

Through the years of debilitating pain, jobless, and financial ruin. Unable to have children and husband who walked away, most would give up the fight, but Patti rose up and met the challenge.   Through God, faith became her armor and Jesus became her shield. She never gave up hope, because she deserves to live!  

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